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Max Evaluations & Analytics is a player performance and analysis webapp platform designed for amateur sport coaches, managers, third party evaluators, sport governing bodies, parents, and athletes.

Max is used by sports governing bodies (ie. Minor Hockey Associations) and evaluators (ie. coaches, managers, etc.) to assess, evaluate, aggregate, and analyze amateur athletes skill level and development over time.

For the first time, an admin, manager, or coach is able to see any players skill level at any given time or over a period of time, be able to see their skill progression, and compare that player to their cohort and across jurisdictions.

The data created and stored with Max is extremely powerful for governing bodies who spend thousands of dollars developing programs (ie. skill development and coaching) while creating evaluation transparency in sports.

Meet our founding team

Jason Abbott

Founding Partner

Mr. Abbott is an entrepreneur with over ten years experience building start-ups. He is seasoned in terms of strategy, sales & marketing, operations, finance, and execution.

Bob Macgregor

Founding Partner

As one of the co-founders (with Mr. Roberts) of Max Hockey School, Bob is considered a knowledgeable and trusted hockey resource in the community. In addition to countless relationships with hockey administrators, managers, coaches, and players he has hands on experience building and managing a hockey business.


Jay Roberts

Founding Partner

As one of the co-founders (with Mr. Macgregor) of Max Hockey School, Jay is also a trusted resource and well connected in the hockey community. With over 10 years of success operating the business, Jay is a proven manager and excels in operations.

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