Minor Hockey Evaluation Process

We have been conducting hockey evaluations for well over 15 years in different capacities are excited to be partnering with many Minor Hockey Association again this year.


Our Goal

“To provide a fair, consistent, and comprehensive evaluation that will result in players participating at a level that is based upon their ability when comparing them to athletes of the same age and category.”


Our Philosophy

Through clear and concise communication, well-planned ice sessions, unbiased objectivity, every player will receive a fair and meaningful evaluation.


Tryout Process

The most common evaluations process is outlined below, but from time to time the minor associaton may tweak or vary the format to suit the number of players, ice times, and overall resources.

Round 1
The first round of skates (1 or 2 ice times, depending on age) will be performed to assess the players level of skill in a variety of different areas, all based on Hockey Canada’s skill development matrix.

After the skill assessment, we will regroup the players with other players of similar skill level.


Round 2

Players will now be assessed in game scenarios, on hockey knowledge game play as well as competitive proficiency and team play.  Depending on the number of players a variety of different game settings may be used like 4 on 4, 5 on 5 etc.

After the game assessment, another realignment will occur, at which time a strategic number of players may be removed from the process, and their tryout will be concluded.

Round 3
The remaining players will compete again in a game setting where they will be evaluated on hockey knowledge game play as well as competitive proficiency and team play.

Upon the conclusion of this round, we will be able to provide the results of the assessment to the associations that will in turn be used to assist in level assignment, team formations and selections

Throughout the evaluation process a 0 – 5 scale will be used to asses each player.  0 being low, and 5 being high.  The scale will be relevant to the players age and ability as outlined by Hockey Canada

Below is a list of some of the criteria we will be evaluating.

Skating – speed, acceleration, technique 

•Forward and backward

•Turning both directions

•Stopping both directions

•Stride length, form, and technique


Agility – pivots, transition, lateral movement 

•Transition, changing from one direction to another

•Pivoting, maintaining control and speed

•Being able to track diagonally across the ice efficiently

•Balance and coordination


Puck Control – open ice, around obstacles  

•Ability to maintain speed and control in open areas

•Ability to maintain speed and control around obstacles

•Handling the puck in tight space


Shooting – technique, accuracy, velocity 

•Velocity, quick release and speed of puck

•Shooting accurately at targets, or on goalies

•Technique, hand and body position


Passing – accuracy, technique 

•Giving and receiving passes

•Moving and stationary passes

•Accuracy and technique


Tactics –  offensive and defensive tactics 

•Intent,  in a good position and making the right decisions

•Execution, able to effectively make successful plays


Game Play –  Overall ability to preform

•Player understands positional play, and puck support

•Player is involved, and has an impact on the play

•Player is working hard in all zones of the ice

•Player makes good decision uses teammates appropriately


Good luck to all our participants, and most of all, HAVE FUN!!