About Max Analytics

Max Analytics is proud to be the trusted supplier of player development data for minor hockey associations and clubs across North America. A hockey first solution, Max collects individual player evaluation data across a variety of fundamental hockey skills, tactics, and game play to produce personalized development reporting. Players and parents use the feedback as a tool to guide and tailor their individual development while associations and clubs use the aggregate data to guide team formation and build meaningful programming for the upcoming season for their respective coaches and players.

Max also eliminates hundreds of hrs of repetitive administration by automating scheduling, communications, data input, and reporting. Max will:

  • Suggest a best practice evaluation format defined by the number of players in your evaluation;
  • Notify each parent/player of the evaluations format and process;
  • Schedule and notify each parent/player of their individual evaluation times;
  • Enable real time player check-in with infinite jersey numbers and colours;
  • Collect real time scoring via an internet connected device;
  • Allow unlimited drill creation with individual mechanic skill assessments within each drill;
  • Weight and aggregate all scoring by multiple evaluators to deliver instant real time rank reporting;
  • Generate and notify parents/players of their published player development report with helpful links to development tools by skill; and,
  • Notify parents/players of their level and/or team assignment;

To learn more about how data driven development can be used for your hockey association, club, or team visit us at maxanalytics.ca

Jason Abbott

Founding Partner

Jason is an entrepreneur with over ten years of experience building start-ups. He is seasoned in terms of strategy, sales & marketing, operations, finance, and execution.

Jay Roberts

Founding Partner

As one of the co-founders of Max Hockey School, Jay is a trusted resource and well connected in the hockey community. With over 10 years of success operating the business, Jay is a proven manager and excels in operations.

Matthew Doak


Matt is a full-stack developer with over ten years of experience in lead technical roles and start-up tech execution.